sm8x50: Add Mesa (zink+turnip) support

Add Mesa support in sm8x50-userdebug device config but do
not enable it yet, until a740* Adreno binaries land in
linux-firmware project. TARGET_USES_SWR still defaults to
"true" i.e. we boot with s/w rendering by default.

SM8550-HDK uses Zink Gallium and Freedreno/Turnip Vulkan
driver to boot with h/w accelerated Mesa graphics.

Turnip Vulkan driver doesn't have Android Hardware Buffer
support implemented yet, so setting HWUI renderer to SkiaGL.

This pending Mesa MR fixes an AOSP breakage upstream

Signed-off-by: Amit Pundir <>
Change-Id: I1e2462b8f2dc848bc31a268aa1de405248cf16e5
4 files changed